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Live Webinar

Spring Update 2019 Astrology

Feng Shui for Weight Loss

Sunday, July 21 from 10 am PT

This event will be recorded.

This morning I stepped onto my scale and I smiled. I'm happy with what the scale says. 

That wasn't the case five years ago.

Five years ago I turned 53 and hit the highest weight I had ever been. For years I had been trying all different types of diets and exercise programs. But there was one thing I hadn't tried. Feng Shui.

I studied Feng Shui in the '80s. My first book was published in Switzerland in 1996. I had a monthly column in a newspaper called New Mexico Light for eight years. My second book on Feng Shui came out in the US in 2006. I've been part of the American Feng Shui movement from the beginning...

but I hadn't thought to Feng Shui my own kitchen. When I finally did, the weight dropped off me. I lost 35 pounds in two months. I didn't change what I ate. I still ate cookies, ice cream, cake, french fries and everything else I wanted. And I did it doing less exercise. I stopped my personal trainer and the brutal kettlebell exercise program I was doing and I took up Tai Chi.

I lost the weight and for years I have kept it off.

In this class, we'll talk about the changes I made that worked for me. This class is NOT about what to eat. You can actually use all the information in this class with whatever diet program you want to be on. You can use this with Weight Watchers, Keto, Vegan, South Beach or you can do this without having any food restrictions at all.


I can't wait to tell you my secrets.

Sunday, July 21 from 10 am to 12 pm. This webinar will be recorded. All students who register will get a free copy of the recording.


Feng Shui for Weight Loss
for the class and recording $39

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Everyone should have a copy of their chart. If you would like to know the charts of your partner, kids or friends click here to order a copies of their charts. In the message box list names, dates of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If you don't know the time of birth I will not be able to give you your Ascendant but I will be able to estimate your Moon Sign. You will receive your Astrology chart as a PDF by email within one business day.

 Astrology Charts - $3.00 each

Recorded Webinars


The Magic of Your Moon Sign

Most everyone knows their Sun Sign. They are Taurus or Leo or one of the other signs. But there's more to your Astrology chart than just your Sun sign. One very important factor is your Moon sign. Your Moon sign tells you what you need, the lunar phase talks about how you interact with the world and the Moon speed gives indications of how fast you can process information and take action. We'll look at all of this plus how knowing the Moon sign can help you in all your relationships.

Donna Stellhorn is an author, Astrologer and Feng Shui expert. She has been a consulting Astrologer for more than 25 years and she loves helping others find their way to joy.

You get a recording of the webinar plus a pdf copy of the slide deck.

Webinar + PDF slides $20

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Five Element
Chinese Astrology

A woman looking at her laptop

Using the Five elements of Chinese Astrology we can quickly see compatibility between a person and their environment or a person and another person.

Would you like to know if a house would be a good choice for you and your family? Would you like to know why some people are so supportive of you and others seem to deplete you? The answer can be found in Chinese Astrology through the five elements.

In this introductory webinar you'll learn:  

  • the energy signature of each of the five elements

  • the creative and destructive cycles of the elements

  • how to find your personal element

  • how elements interact with each other in personal relationships and with places we live and work.  

  • we'll dig deeper and discover all four pillar elements in your chart

  • plus bonus material on compatibility of Chinese Zodiac signs. 

Five Elements Webinar - $17.50

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: Types of Houses


Clip from Five Elements Webinar: The Creative Cycle

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: A Fire Person in a Wood House

Clip from Five Elements Webinar: Two Fire People with One Earth Person

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Recorded Class with Workbook

Attracting Opportunities:
Using Feng Shui to Change Your Life

Your personal environment affects your life. And your front door is the key to all new opportunities that can come into your life. Using Feng Shui principles you can stimulate the energy and allow opportunities to come. We'll be talking about easy changes you can make to your entryway and front door including color and symbols focused on different energies. 2 hour class plus workbook.  

Attracting Opportunities:
Feng Shui of the Front Door
This class is just $17.50

Sample pages from the PDF workbook


An Astrological Calendar


An Astrological Calendar


You'll learn about:

and much more!

Attracting Opportunities:
Feng Shui of the Front Door
This class is just $17.50

What students are saying...

This class was very powerful.   Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  I appreciate your talents and gifts. Mary in Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for the class; this is a lot of information to assimilate. The book is a work in and of itself.  Famey in Sterling, VA

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