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Money Crystal Set

Feng Shui Money Crystal Set

Set includes one mini 20 mm crystal, one 30 mm and the jumbo 40 mm Money crystal. Each glows in emerald green and throws bright green lights on your walls, ceilings and floors attracting energy for wealth, money and prosperity. Comes gift bagged with instructions. Bead decorations vary. (Click on picture to enlarge).

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Spirit Cures Set

Feng Shui Money Crystal Set

Set includes jumbo 40mm Spirit Crystal, one 30 mm Spirit Crystal and an gemstone Adventurine Angel. The crystals have the ability to change colors depending on the light source. In indoor fluorescent light they are blue, but in sunlight or natural light they are purple. These crystals attract energy for spiritual connection, synchonicity, wealth energy. Comes gift bagged with instructions. Bead decorations vary. 

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Love Crystal Set

Feng Shui Money Crystal Set

Set includes one mini 30 mm Love crystal, one 40 mm Power crystal and one 40 mm Peace crystal. The colors of the red, pink and blue crystals on your walls, ceilings and floors attracting energy for love and romance. Comes gift bagged with instructions. Bead decorations vary.

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Energy Crystal Set

Energy Crystal Set

This set of 3 Energy Crystals includes a Jumbo Energy Crystal, a mini Energy Crystal and an Energy Crystal strung with semi-precious beads. All three crystals come gift packaged, ready for hanging and with instructions for attract energy for love, money and success. (display stand not included)

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Feng Shui 18 Crystal Cure

18 Crystal Cure

A set of 18 Prismatic Crystals strung and ready for hanging. Each 20 mm crystal throws a rainbow of color on your walls attracting energy for vitality, peace, self confidence, connection to spirit and wealth. Comes gift bagged with instructions. (Click on picture to enlarge).

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Wealth Touchstones

Wealth Touchstones 

Set your intention and activate the Law of Attraction with our Wealth Touchstones. Beautifully polished river rock engraved with the word "Wealth" to call in wealth energy for you. The stones measure just under 2" across and weigh about 1.5 ounces. They are smooth and cool to the touch and feel wonderful in your hand.

Each stone comes with instructions based on the Law of Attraction and Feng Shui principles. And the Wealth Touchstones are packaged in a fabric pouch (pouch colors and styles can vary. (click on picture to enlarge)

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$25 + free shipping

Love Cures Set

Love Cures Set

Enhance your existing relationship or attract a new one with the Love Cures Set.  A golden pair of Mandarin Ducks attract the energy of faithful love. A Love Crystal strung with semi-precious beads ready to be hung to attract love. And so you remain powerful through out your relationship, a Jumbo Power Crystal to bring energy for confidence and potentiality. (Display stand not included. Bead decorations vary).

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2017 Cures Set 

2012 Cures Set

Prepare for opportunities coming to you in 2017. This set includes a golden Dragon Statue (3.5" tall) and an Energy Crystal to bring rainbows of energy into the house. You also get a Jumbo Money Crystal to generate wealth energy, a Jumbo Power Crystal to bring confidence and a strong will to take those opportunities. And a Wealth Touchstone to carry with you to prime yourself to recognize money and career possibilities in your daily life. Each item comes gift packaged with instructions. (Display stand not included. Bead decorations vary).

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What are Feng Shui Cures?

Energy flows through all things. It flows through our houses just like it flows through our bodies. Sometimes the energy slows or gets stuck.  When this happens in our body we become ill. The acupuncturist uses needles to stimulate the energy to flow again.

It works the same way in your home. The cures are like the acupuncturist needles. You place them in certain areas of the house to stimulate the energy. If the cure is in the right place you will feel new energy and opportunities come into your life within the first couple of days. (And just a quick note to say all our cures come with instructions for getting them in the right place).

And just like our bodies, our homes need to be re-energized. You can do this by cleansing or clearing the Feng Shui cure and by moving it to a new spot. You can also do this to give a burst of new energy into your life. If you have cures that have been up for a while it's time to clear them and/or move them to a new location. 

What's the principle behind Crystals?

Cut-glass crystals take light and send it out in all directions. Where there's light there's energy. Hang a cut-glass crystal in a window and get a rainbow of lights on the floors, walls and ceiling, amd fill the room with energy. And because of the prismatic quality of the crystals the energy is separated into manageable parts. When the new opportunities arrive they will be easy to incorporate into your life.

Can any color crystal be a Money Crystal?

When we use a green crystal for attracting money we are tapping into the archetype energy of that color. Billions of people in the world see the color green as growth, prosperity and wealth whether it be the color of money or the food on their table. You could decide pink was a color you wanted to use for attracting money and you could use it but you would be the only one in the world who was using pink for that purpose so it would be much more difficult to attract the money you want. When using the color green for money you are tapping into the energy of billions of people to support your wishes.

How does the Wealth Touchstone work?

In behavioral psychology there is a principle called 'priming'. We are influenced by the stimulus around us. If we walk around thinking we're impoverished then we will not see opportunities we could be taking, we will only see lack, thus confirming our opinion of poverty. And sometimes, in the current economic climate it's hard to see anything else.

But if you carry the Wealth Touchstone with you then every time you touch the stone, feel the bag in your purse or see the stone on your desk the word 'wealth' comes to mind. You will clearly see money opportunities and feel the optimism of money energy all around you.

How are statues used in Feng Shui?

Statues and figurines of Mandarin Ducks, Bunnies and Dragons all represent an energy that can come into your life. These, like the colors of the crystals, are archetypes, though more culturally specific than the universal color archetypes. In Asia, Mandarin Ducks represent blissful love relationships. So even if in the West we don't automatically think "duck equals love" there are so many people who do that the ducks now are infused with love energy.