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Donna Stellhorn

The Five Elements

Feng Shui is the art of creating a harmonious environment; one that nurtures and sustains a person. It is believed that if our environment is balanced and peaceful that we will be stronger, smarter, more energetic, and happier in our lives. Thousands of years ago the Chinese set down the beginnings of Feng Shui, rules for creating a wonderful environment. And what they found is when these rules were followed that people prospered. The rules were passed down, added to, and fine-tuned into the art of Feng Shui as we know it today.

To learn how to create environments for people the Chinese turned first to the rules of agriculture. They observed that seeds sown in a fertile area, with sunshine and water, and sheltered from the weather, thrived. And the same kind of seeds, planted in rocky areas that get little sun or rain, would not flourish. They observed this in people as well, two people from similar families, born in the same year and of similar intelligence would do differently in different environments.

Then Chinese took it one step further. If you could change the fate of seeds by clearing some of the rocks before planting and irrigating the plants then why not change the fate of people by altering their environment.  This was the beginning of Feng Shui. 

The Chinese looked at the world and divided everything, from rocks and trees to rain and fire, into five elements, five building blocks that create all things. (These five elements illustrated in the column to the right.)  Using these five elemental concepts Feng Shui experts balance the environment we live in.

To bring more stability into the your life add Earth. To the house add things made of earth, brick, stone, pottery, and rock. Add the color yellow or add things that are boxy or table like in shape.

To will bring more growth into your life add Wood. Add to the house things made of wood, trees, bushes, flowers, arbors, and porches. Add the color green or add things that are tall and obelisk in shape.

To bring more prosperity into your life add Metal.  To the house add things that are made of metal, wind chimes, bells, sun dials, and sculptures. Add the color white or add things that are round and coin shaped.

To attract more social connections that lead to relationships and business success add Water.  Put into the house things that are made of water or represent water. Add fountains, pools, ponds or representations of water such as dry river beds, bridges or bird baths. Add the color black or add things that are made of glass and of an undulating shape.

To give you and your family more vitality and energy add Fire. Add things made of fire to the house, such as plastics, fire pits, torches, and ovens. Add the color red or add things that are pointed in shape like a flame.

These five elements can exist in a creative cycle or a destructive cycle. And that article is coming soon.   



Earth representing things that are flat, table like, or made of clay and stone and representing the energy of stability



Wood, representing things that are tall like trees, of things made of wood and plants, also representing the energy of growth



Fire, representing triangular things like the shape of a flame and things that are manmade such as plastics, also representing energy

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Metal, representing round shapes, and things made of metal and representing abundance



Water, representing irregular shapes, water itself and things made of glass and also representing flow and communication