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The Bagua Compass

The Bagua Compass is actually an interpretation of the inner most ring of the large, traditional Lo Pan compass.   It is composed of the eight trigrams, the building blocks of the 64 hexagrams of the IChing (the Chinese book of predictions).  Each trigram is associated with an energy.  The different energies are related to career, luck, family, children, wisdom, helpful people, wealth, relationships, and health sits in the center.

If there is no building on the property then the Bagua compass is laid out by direction so Career would be in the North and Luck in the South.  However if the house is already there then energy must enter through the front door so the compass is reoriented to place Career at the front door.  Below is the octagon figure used to represent the Bagua Compass; this figure is placed over the floor plan of a house or office. This octagon can be stretched in any direction to cover the floor plan. 

To the right is a floor plan of an apartment.  You can see the door at the bottom which opens to a kitchen and living area. The hallway, set at a diagonal, leads to the three bedrooms.  In the diagram at the lower right, the Bagua compass has been drawn over the floor plan with Career placed at the front door. 

The far left corner of a house or apartment is the Wealth Area.  In this particular example, because of the design of the house, the Wealth Corner is actually missing.  This can cause the people living in the house to obsess about money and to have to work hard for success.  If there is a missing Wealth Corner the first step is to square off the corner energetically using a couple of crystals.  Plant the clear quartz crystals where the Wealth Corner would normally be if the walls extended to make the corner. But if this is not possible (such as in a second floor apartment), then you want to enhance inside the house near the Wealth Corner by hanging wealth cures (more about cures below).  I have placed Star to indicate the best place for your Wealth Cures. (The other room nearest the Wealth Corner is not such a good choice as there is a closet in that corner.)

Wealth Cures are symbols and objects that attract energy for wealth.  These are usually universal symbols of money and prosperity such as coins, gold, and silver.  They can also be personal objects of wealth such as jewelry or family heirlooms; but note that these personal cures not as powerful as universal cures.  You can also use culturally specific cures such as Lucky Money Cats and Three Legged Frogs. 

Place the cures in the Wealth Corner (indicated here by the Star) and you should receive an increase in finances in just a few days.  If you don't receive any new energy or if you feel there's a decrease in wealth energy then move the objects a little to the left, a little to the right, up a bit or down until you find the right spot.  You are looking to hit the energy flow and so if you are doing this without the help of a Feng Shui expert it can take a little trial and error.  Cures always work when they are in the right spot.

the bagua compass
an apartment floor plan

The Floor Plans

Above is a floor plan of a small apartment.  The front door is labeled at the bottom.  Below shows the Bagua Compass laid over the floor plan lining up Career with the front door.

an apartment floor plan with a bagua compass on top

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