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Regular Session

(an indepth reading about you, predictions for what's ahead and Feng Shui remedies)

Mini Session

(good for updates, answering questions and finding good dates for taking action)


Relationship Astrology

a couple in embrace Love Compatibility Reading

(create a deep love bond by exploring the connections in your charts)

Family Reading

(for questions about partner, children, parents and extended family)



Personal Finance Astrology

a couple in embrace Finding the Hidden Money in Your Chart Session

(Uncover all the ways money can come to you and how you can easily accumulate it)



























About Astrology Consultations

An Astrology chart helps you gain understanding about yourself and those you care about. For thousands of years people have used Astrology charts for questions about love, money, health, and the future. Charts can be used to see a situation more clearly, gain insight into what others are thinking, and give you the information you need to help you make important choices. 

The Natal Chart (your birth chart) is a picture of the planetary positions at the moment you were born. This reveals information to the Astrologer about your personality, talents and challenges.

After you’re born the planets continue to orbit coming around again to touch the planets in your Natal Chart. When this occurs it’s call a Transit and this is a signal that something is going to happen to you, something that could be positive or negative based on the planets involved and the angles made. And because planets move at a regular rate, it is possible to make projections about future possibilities for you.

We are still masters of our fate. The planets don’t tell us what to do. The chart is a map that tells you when the road is clear ahead or if there's traffic. If there's traffic the chart indicates other routes you can take.

The Natal Chart is shown as a circle divided into 12 sections called Houses. Houses represent areas of life such the 6th house which represents things like work, daily routine, and health but also very specific things such as describing the cats you may have, climatic conditions that affect your health, the profession of your grandchildren and so on. Lists of these have been created over thousands of years and even today they are updated and tested by Astrologers.

The lines dividing the houses like the spokes of a wheel, are called Cusps. The sign on the cusp is one of the 12 zodiac signs and directs the energy within the house. For instance you may have Libra on the 6th (the sign of Libra is on the 6th house cusp). Libra represents balance, airy, artistic, beautiful, cardinal, changeable, musical, nervous, obedient, communicative energy and so on. And the Astrologer would combine these two pieces of information, the 6th house and the Libra sign on the 6th house into specific information: we might say this could indicate a person who works as a teacher in the music department; a fair-minded and obedient soldier; a person who owns a particularly beautiful cat, and so on.

Any of the houses may contain planets; each planet represents an energy. For instance the Moon represents our inner most needs, what we may not have received from our mothers, our intuition, our connection to the women in our life. Each planet is in a sign so we would combine the energy of the planet and sign such as a Moon in Scorpio, the Scorpio quality bringing power, a desire for control, a love of secrets, ability with finances, etc. And if we place that Moon in Scorpio in the Libra 6th house we used in our example above we add a need for work, balanced with periods of lots of communication with others.

Each planet can be in aspect with other planets. This allows the planets to communicate with each other, sometimes to their benefit and sometimes to their detriment. So this Moon in Scorpio in the 6th could make aspects to the person’s Sun in Taurus in the 12th, their Mars in Capricorn in the 8th and so on. Because of this complexity a chart is very unique to a person. Even twins born 10 or 20 minutes apart can have different charts.

Altogether your chart gives a very detailed picture of your talents, your skills, your blocks and your fears.  And when we add in the Transits, the positions of planets in the sky today, we see your choices and opportunities.  Astrology can provide a very helpful map on your journey. 

Relationship Astrology

Astrologers can choose between two types of charts when reading relationships between people. First, by placing one person's planets into the other person's chart, we can see the energies which connect the two people, and the energies pull the two people apart. This is called Synastry. The second type of charts takes the two charts and mathematically calculates a single chart for the people involved either by finding the midpoint between each pair of planets or by finding the midpoint in time and space. The first chart is called a Composite and the second charts is called a Davison. 

Personal Finance Astrology

Personal finance Astrology is reading a person’s chart to see their ability to create and accumulate money. From this type of reading we see if the person can and will inherit money, make money from career, make money in lawsuits, through marriage, or through investments. The chart will also indicate luck with lottery, gambling, or other games of chance. The chart will give precise instructions on how to receive more money and accumulate for your future.