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Chinese Astrology 2021: Metal Ox


Happy New Year. Lunar New Year falls on February 12, 2021. It will be the Year of the Metal Ox (sometimes called the Golden Ox or White Ox).  

2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox. The Rat energy of 2020 and the Ox energy of 2021 couldn't be more different. In 2020, the energy was represented by a small mouse hiding in the safety of his home, scurrying out to grab food, and then running back to his hole in the wall. Ox energy is very different. The Ox, a mature male cow, is a draft animal, and on the farm he has a job to do. He works very hard through most of the year, occasionally resting between tasks. The Ox understands what needs to be done and does it. There's no hesitation, procrastination, or fear. The Ox is traditional, patient, and achieves prosperity and success through hard work.

In 2021, there will be times where you feel a great burden like you're wearing a yoke and pulling the plow. But there is a great purpose in what you're doing. You're planting seeds for the future harvest to help you, your family, and the community.

Change is not easy during a Metal Ox year. Metal is inflexible, and the Ox keeps working on the same task until the job is done. It will take effort to change course this year. That said, it's valuable to make changes at times. But if you've been plowing the same row for a long time and the rut is deep, it will take effort to move on to something new.

Things don't happen quickly in a Metal Ox year. While the focus for 2021 is on rebuilding, the process is painstakingly slow. The land must be cleared from the past growing season. Then comes the plowing, harrowing to break up the soil, and leveling. The soil is enriched by adding in organic matter. And only then does the planting begin. One seed is planted and then another and another. Still, there's nothing to eat until the seeds grow and are finally harvested. In a Metal Ox year, you know all the steps to take because this is rebuilding. You're confident as you move forward. But steps can't be skipped, and steps can't be rushed.

Metal Ox years can be more peaceful as we take life one day at a time. We can connect more deeply with family and friends as we support and encourage each other. We achieve success as we rebuild one row at a time, one seed at a time, tirelessly until the job is done.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rat

What's the forecast for ambitious Rat?

For Rat natives, 2021 is a more lucrative year. In the first few months of the year, income may be variable from month-to-month or even week to week. But after May, things become much more stabilized and money flows in regularly.

There are more opportunities to make money through career or regular employment. Even Rat natives who own a business may find that they are working side-by-side with employees as one of the "guys". As you start to experience some success it's quite easy to feel motivated to work more and more. You may get a salary increase towards the end of the year in November. It would be a good time to raise your prices.

Investments stabilize this year when the wise Rat native takes a buy-and-hold attitude towards investing. Be a "values investor" who checks the fundamentals. There's no reason to be playing games with your retirement savings.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Ox

What's the forecast for hard-working Ox?

Ox natives show some changes in income sources this year. Money is coming in but there may be some delays due to a job change or when you must wait for a commission or bonus check. May and June seem especially volatile when it comes to finances.

That said, Ox natives are always good with money, thrifty, and able to find additional income sources. You may secure some opportunities through affiliate marketing, network sales, or other ways that you can multiply your own efforts for a profitable outcome.

When it comes to investing you do best when you invest in yourself. This could mean additional education, specialized tools, or great coaching. Any of these things can give you a boost in your career and thus your income. Windfalls are possible in July and September especially from expected sources as a debt is repaid, a legal case is resolved or a tax refund comes in.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Tiger

What's the forecast for impulsive Tiger?

This year your money opportunities are quite numerous and connected to your belief in the abundance of the Universe. This allows you to keep your eyes open for lucrative deals. You find money can flow in from many sources including everything from unexpected windfalls, side jobs to flipping garage sale finds on eBay. It's quite possible you can find an income source that helps you pursue a hobby such as photography or your love of nature.

When it comes to your investments, it's good to be open to new information. There could be a new investment vehicle coming your way or a new platform to trade on that piques your interest. You may be taking classes in how to do securities trading or to explore something more exotic such as bitcoin. Use caution during May and December and don't bet too heavily on anything that you don't know much about.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rabbit

What's the forecast for diplomatic Rabbit?

Rabbit natives, you may have had a very tough time last year both with the disruption affecting your sensitive nature as well as causing more money to go out than was coming in. This year that energy turns around. First, there will be many who step up to give you assistance. This you should welcome and accept. You have opportunities to pay down debts and get out of a formal agreement. Allow those who love you to support and help you.

Money from career is quite strong and you may have an opportunity for a secondary source such as a commission or bonus tied to performance. Passive income sources or expanding. You may find additional ways to make money through a side business or through the family. There could be a surprise windfall around October or November which gives you a little cushion for going into the next year or funds to splurge during the holidays.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Dragon

What's the forecast for powerful Dragon?

While money is flowing in at a good pace it's also flowing out. You may be spending money on other people as well as new technology for yourself. Dragon natives often like getting the latest gadgets or you may need tools to help you expand your business. Either way, it would be good to look for some lower-cost alternatives. A large money decision comes along in June and this would set the financial tone for the second half of the year.

When it comes to your investments there are some reasons to celebrate. You have made some good choices over the previous years and now you can see accumulation happening. This can be very inspiring and help you add to your coffers. Investments in real estate or land could be quite beneficial. However, investments in your education may not enrich you like you hope. Look for alternative ways of funding education before considering getting into debt.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Snake

What's the forecast for wise Snake?

Snake natives have an opportunity to have your financial ship come in. This is due to some of the good financial decisions you've made over the last year or two. Now you can cash in. This also indicates there are some possibilities of making increased money through importing items and selling them through platforms like Amazon FBA or the local flea markets. Your family including your children may be quite helpful as you teach them valuable lessons about commerce and the free enterprise system.

When it comes to your investments it's been a slow process to watch your accounts grow. Snake natives make good choices and should consider remaining conservative when it comes to investing especially in June and December. If you did make some investing mistakes over the last year do an analysis of what happened and why so you can avoid errors like these in the future.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Horse

What's the forecast for popular Horse?

Your generous nature may have you starting the year a little short because of all of the people and causes you've helped over the previous 12 months. Now it's time to rebuild your own personal accounts and fill them to the brim. You could make some money through some creative projects, having your own business, or taking some very calculated risks. You can find people to help you with this who are both knowledgeable and experienced.

When it comes to investments you are riding on some of the good decisions you made last year and you are starting to see some growth and accumulation in these areas. These might be insurance vehicles or securities. You may be taking a buy-and-hold attitude. There are also financial opportunities connected with what your kids are doing. Older kids may have a business and need your help. And you can help younger kids get their own Etsy store started.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Sheep

What's the forecast for generous Sheep or Goat?

For Sheep or Goat natives, your financial year is particularly strong. While the rest of the world is focused on the slow-moving Ox energy, you are sure-footed when it comes to making good financial decisions. You may have cash for investing in real estate or you may find a collective opportunity where you can buy and sell homes. Additionally, you may come into contact with helpful people who have financial experience and are willing to give you advice.

There's a lot of protection around career income this year. This could mean that your job is secure even in a downsizing company. Your long experience and loyalty to the company as well as having so many good connections gives you some security in your job. That said, moving on to a different company in June or November will most likely give you a salary boost so you may want to consider it.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Monkey

What's the forecast for clever Monkey?

Monkey natives are surrounded by money opportunities this year. This is one of your best areas for the year. The slow-moving Ox energy digs up chunks of gold that a fast-moving, clever monkey can scoop up with ease. You may receive investment opportunities from friends who have a new and fresh start-up or you may be privy to conversations from knowledgeable people who help you make more money with some interesting investments. Additionally, through your career, you have opportunities for a salary increase in June.

For Monkey natives the real choice is between security and taking risks. This year, there should be a balance of both. As you keep a really good eye on the markets in general, you will find when to step in and what to secure. For real adventure, there can be some real wealth gained through travel or contact with companies that are based overseas.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rooster

What's the forecast for inquisitive Rooster?

You may have experienced some losses over the last year and now it is time to rebuild. The current metal Ox year is perfect for plowing the raw land and planting a new crop of opportunities. It's very good to let go of the disappointing choices or missed opportunities of the past and focus on what's ahead. You have the wisdom to see new investment opportunities on the horizon. Keeping your spending in check will help you be ready when these investment vehicles arrive.

By mid-April money is flowing in at a good pace and you may find that you have up to six different sources of income this year. Some of these will be a trickle and others will be a full flow. But each of these has the potential to grow if you have the time and energy to spend on it. Allow others to assist you.

An adult child or other family member may need a financial loan in November. It would be good to think this through before you say yes or no.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Dog

What's the forecast for loyal and loving Dog?

Dog natives are counting their pennies this year and keeping much better track of your money. This is helping you rebuild your financial picture after a really tough past year. You do show several sources where money can flow in but there are also many ways money can flow out. It's a good idea this year to plug those holes, especially impulse spending. That said, investments in things like precious metals, unique collectibles, and lands purchased at a good price could bring profits in later years.

Dog natives make the most money following your passion. It is then when you can really see how true prosperity comes into your life. Finances also improve in connection to home. This could mean you are receiving some money from a family business or your home itself is making you money by renting out a room or flipping it for a quick profit.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Pig

What's the forecast for intuitive Pig (or Boar)?

The challenges of last year may have left some holes in your finances. But if you take stock, you will find you have more resources than at first glance. This year you can gain money through real estate. You might be renting a room, buying a home for a rental property, or doing some real estate sales yourself.

This year your finances make a great recovery. You may receive some help from family or friends but you would be willing to help them if the position was reversed so this is just fine. There may be some sort of formal agreement but most importantly this gives you the capital you need to get back on your feet.

As the year continues in May and June, money really starts to flow in from several sources. You may be selling off excess stuff or working a side hustle that is starting to become more profitable.


Chinese Astrology 2021 Year of the Metal Ox

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