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Chinese Astrology 2020: Metal Rat

Happy New Year. Lunar New Year falls on January 25, 2020. It will be the Year of the Metal Rat (sometimes called the Gold Rat or White Rat). Rat years are energetic years where you have lists of ambitious goals and opportunities to make things happen. 

Business is the focus in Rat years and there will be many ways to speculate and for those who are wise, to make money. But there will also be temptations too. While there's a lot of fanfare and hype about where to put your money, this Metal Rat year marks the peak of the markets. There may be great fluctuations and storms in years ahead. Best not to gamble with your money but seek prudent, long-term investments to stay safe.

Metal Rat years encourage you to be practical with your time. There will be an emphasis on working smart, completing tasks and single-minded focus on a goal. It's considered good during Rat years to take care of yourself and you'll see studies and health care professionals advocating the benefits of vacations, extra sleep and time for enjoyable pursuits.

This is a good year to start your own business, learn about investing, and find out how to outsource what you need to be done. In Metal Rat years, people like to show off. Spending will focus on luxury goods, especially for the home. Rat energy is fast energy and so fast cars will gain popularity.

While Rat energy tends to be romantic the Metal Rat is the least romantic of the five Rat signs because practicality gets in the way. For you and your beloved, you can deepen your relationship by being thrifty together or by working side by side on your side hustle. If you're looking for love seek it out at business networking groups or join professional organizations that have local meetings. Or if you're serious about finding love then treat it like a job, putting in the hours reaching out to people on dating sites and arranging meetings over coffee.

Overall, Metal Rat years are years of plenty (though it may not be spread so evenly). You will have more business and financial opportunities this year. More businesses will be hiring and you can find work easily. But it is a year of hustle. Those who think they will succeed without effort will not find what they're looking for. And those who want to sit around and do nothing will miss out entirely.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rat

What's the forecast for ambitious Rat?

Congratulations! It's your year. 2020 marks the beginning of a new 12-year cycle. Out with the old and in with the new. You may find yourself wanting a new home, new job, and even new relationships. You will be flooded with new opportunities and options for your life. And the more "seeds" you plant (the more new things you try and do) the bigger your harvest will be. So while you're in harmony with the energy of the year you are also challenged to let go of the past habits and things that don't work in your life and actively pursue your dreams. Focus on doing new things and you will succeed.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Ox

What's the forecast for hard-working Ox?

Ox natives now energy the last year of their 12-year cycle. You have this year to really cash in on all you've been working on in this cycle. This means you can get a better job, raise your prices and find good paying side jobs based on skills you already have. Your relationships can improve too. You have knowledge and understanding you've gathered so even if you're looking for a new relationship you can apply all your past experience into making that partnership great. You do best by clearing out what doesn't work in your life. Declutter and reduce the excess to bring happy results.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Tiger

What's the forecast for impulsive Tiger?

This is a good year for Tiger natives as the fast-moving energy this year is something you can certainly handle. Fortune favors the brave and there's no one more courageous than a Tiger. You will have many opportunities, both love, and money, for the taking if you will focus on your goals and take effective action. One step out the door, one call, one email can set things into motion just remember you need to initiate the action. You're closing in on the end of your cycle and so it's better to focus on profiting from things you already know how to do rather than reinventing the wheel.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rabbit

What's the forecast for diplomatic Rabbit?

It's a busy year for Rabbit natives as you are sensitive to the frenetic energies of those around you. This is an abundant year. You're at the point in your 12-year cycle when the harvest is done and now you can rest. But instead of kicking back rush around spreading the abundance you have with all the people and projects you care about. This year take care of yourself. Book yourself a vacation. Step back and allow others to take care of you for a change. Be prudent with your resources even though others will encourage you to take risks. You're wise and intuitive. Trust yourself.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dragon

What's the forecast for powerful Dragon?

A harmonious year for Dragon natives as you enter the last year of your three-year harvest period. There's lots of work to be done but you can reap great rewards especially if you focus on creating value for others. Relationships improve greatly this year. You find others who seek you out for your special talents and insights. Your circle of influence expands. Projects you've been working on for some time grow wings and take flight. If you want to make a shift in your career you can do so but stick to the same field to make the most money. Let your other interests be a hobby. 

Chinese Astrology 2015 Snake

What's the forecast for wise Snake?

A better year for Snake natives for while this energy is different than your own its one you can easily figure out. Rat years are about business success and Snake natives have much business acumen. You are in the harvest period of your 12-year cycle and you can easily find a good job, profitable investments and ways to make a side income. When it comes to love you may feel a little impatience with the lack of romance as others seem to worry about the practical issues in life. But love, and everything else this year can be yours if you're willing to make an adjustment here and there.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Horse

What's the forecast for popular Horse?

A challenging year for Horse natives as Rat is the opposite sign to your own. Now the world looks to Rat and ignores the majestic energy of Horse. So this year you may have to work a little harder to get the attention of hiring managers, customers, and even your romantic partner. In opposite years, expect to work hard but when you do results will come. Your advantage is a willingness to speak about your success, to tout your abilities and to highlight your talents. Do this and you'll find doors do open - after you've knocked for a bit. You are at the beginning of the harvest. Get to work.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Sheep

What's the forecast for generous Sheep?

A somewhat challenging year for Sheep (or Goat or Ram). The energy of the year is quite different than your own. All this running around and chasing money seems quite exhausting to you. But you can work smart rather than hard and enlist your friends and supporters to help. Networking is key for you this year as you're in the last year of "seed tending". You want to look at what you've been growing over the past years, whether that be your circle of friends, followers or your career. Don't allow the weeds of negativity to choke off what's starting to grow. Stay positive and prosper.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Monkey

What's the forecast for clever Monkey?

A better year for Monkey natives. You thrive in high energy environments. There are new things to learn and do. You have career opportunities coming from some surprising directions. And love is there too, to make a change or take an existing relationship to the next level. This is a year when taking risks is encouraged and you are more than willing to take the leap. The caution is to make sure the branch is sturdy before you jump. If you're going to make a change make sure that you are going towards something not just leaving something behind. Give attention to what's working in your life.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rooster

What's the forecast for inquisitive Rooster?

A better year for Rooster natives as you move out of your seed planting time into seed tending. This is where you need to focus your energy on where you're getting results. Don't pour time and money into unproven ventures. You have time to plant a few more seeds but for the most part, it's time to cultivate good job experience and strong relationships. This is a good year for promotions or taking on a new leadership role. Expand your circle of influence by moving into management in a professional organization or networking group. Seek love through friends.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dog

What's the forecast for loyal and loving Dog?

A better year for Dog natives as you enter the third year of your seed planting years. You have many opportunities in 2020 for a new job and new relationships. You can go in a different direction now if you want or stay with what you have been doing and continue to cultivate success. The high energy of a Rat year is harmonious to your own bursts of powerful energy. But your real advantage this year is your large circle of loyal friends. And this year that circle can expand considerably. Tap this resource for information and the support you need to succeed.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Pig

What's the forecast for intuitive Pig (or Boar)?

This is a much easier year for Pig natives as you enter the second year of your seed planting cycle. After so much change last year you may opt to step back and return to something you've done before. Or you may look to rekindle a relationship from the past. But for the most part, you're moving forward and while the world seems to be moving a dead run you can take your time waiting for opportunities to sprout from the many seeds you've already planted. Life settles down and you see signs of future abundance sprouting all around you in the form of job offers and friendships. 

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