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Chinese Astrology 2019: Earth Pig

Chinese Astrology 2019: Year of the Earth Pig

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2019 Year of the Earth Pig

Happy New Year. Chinese New Year falls on February 5, 2019. It will be the Year of the Earth Pig (sometimes called the Yellow Pig). Pig years are sedate years where you want eat good food, sit on a comfortable sofa and snuggle with your favorite person. 

Pig years are festive with lots of reasons to celebrate. But there's a reminder to not be lulled into sleep by this party mood. Be thoughtful and aware. What seems good can be just surface-level stuff and with a closer look, we will see many things are going on underneath. Those awake will make plans and those asleep could potentially lose a lot.

Earth Pig years are more spiritual years where we feel more connected to the Universe and the powers that be. This is a time when we feel prosperous because our pantries are full and the frig is stocked even if our retirement accounts are lacking. We have loads of entertainment at our fingertips and we can avoid thinking if we want to. We feel we can relax after the hard work of the last 11 years and it's easy to fall asleep.

This is a good year to learn meditation, to expand your intuitive ability through practice, to study yoga or tai chi, to try painting or pottery. Through these activities we can learn more about ourselves, clearing away blocks to our goals.

Earth Pig years are good for businesses that focus on making people comfortable at home and in other areas of their lives. There will be profit to be made in helping bring people together for celebration, assisting people in selling off unwanted stuff, helping them finish projects or degrees. Spiritual and alternative business can do very well, helping people get in touch with the inner self. Creative businesses also get a boost this year as people are drawn to color, design, and things that make them happy.

Overall, Earth Pig years can be delightful, filled with the enjoyment of celebrating life with the people we love. To have the best year, balance this energy with mindfulness and awareness of your bigger goals. Create work/life balance and apply yourself to what you want to achieve. Leave the soft pillows of home often to go out of your comfort zone, braving the Winter storms and you will achieve much. Do this and you will find joy and prosperity this year.

This is an excerpt from the book, Chinese Astrology 2019 Year of the Earth Pig by Donna Stellhorn


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rat

What's the forecast for ambitious Rat?

This is the last year of your 12-year cycle. Rat natives, this is the year to make the most of what you've put into place over the last 11 years. This is a good year to ask for a raise, go for a promotion, expand your business, finish your novel, or patent your idea. This year you'll look at your life and decide what's worth keeping. Take note about what in your life you're happy with and discard the rest. This could mean letting go of a relationship, career aspiration, a home or goal that just doesn't seem to be manifesting. By clearing the slate you welcome in amazing opportunities.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Ox

What's the forecast for hard-working Ox?

A much better year for Ox natives. Earth Pig energy offers you many opportunities if you're willing to take the first step. It's time to get out of your well plowed rut. If you want a new job then post your resume, want to transfer within your company then set up a meeting with the boss, want to start a business then order your business cards. Take the smallest step and you will set your luck in motion. This year will be good for relationships. You can meet a new love or improve your existing relationship. All opportunities come when you take action.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Tiger

What's the forecast for impulsive Tiger?

This is a somewhat challenging year for Tiger natives. The calm, peace-loving energy of the Earth Pig year isn't exactly your cup of tea. No worries. There's no pig in the world that can stop a determined Tiger. The best course for you is to take bold action. You might hear the word "no" a lot. If your heart is set on a goal then take the action anyway. New job is possible as well as starting a business. You also have luck when it comes to new relationship. To help your existing relationship you may have to stop for a moment and listen to what your partner wants.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rabbit

What's the forecast for diplomatic Rabbit?

A happy year ahead for Rabbit natives. The energy of the Earth Pig is very harmonious with your own. Your intuitive ability and sensitive nature will serve you well this year. Many opportunities will land in your lap. You need only to be paying attention and the door will open for you for a better job, business connections, or even a different career. Love is particularly highlighted for you. You can easily meet a new partner. Existing love relationship can blossom and your home life can be peaceful.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dragon

What's the forecast for powerful Dragon?

A challenging year for Dragon natives as the energy of the Earth Pig is very different than your own. You want to fly high and dream big while most people this year are content with TV reruns and the status quo. To make the most of this year you must learn to compromise, find win-win options with the people around you and they will support your plans. Compromising is needed at home as well. Take the time to listen to your partner and see if an agreement can be reached. You're still a Dragon, you can make amazing things happen.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Snake

What's the forecast for wise Snake?

A challenging year for Snake natives as Pig is the opposing sign to your own. This means all energy is traveling away from you and towards Pig, leaving you in the shadows. Of course, this is no bother to you, Snake natives know how to operate behind the scenes. This year you enter your harvest period where you can start to make some real money but you'll need support from others. Gathering this takes some skill and finesse, two things you're very good at. Love is available to you this year. If you're looking for love you will have opportunities.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Horse

What's the forecast for popular Horse?

A challenging year for Horse natives as Earth Pig years are very different energy than your own. You want to be out in the world, being social, seeing interesting people, doing exciting things. But most of the world wants to stay home. You'll need to use your charm and good nature to draw people out. There are job opportunities but they will take some negotiation to make them really a fit. Love is there too but it's going to take a little work.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Sheep

What's the forecast for generous Sheep?

A happy year for Sheep natives as you are quite in harmony with the energy of the Earth Pig year. You are in tune with the sensitive, spiritual energy of the year. Meditation, yoga and healing all appeals to your magical nature. You can create opportunities for yourself in any area of your life. You will have wonderful options for job as well as good opportunities for love. This year you can set your sights high (which is fine, since you're a mountain dweller). Think positive and you will attract positive energy.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Monkey

What's the forecast for clever Monkey?

A somewhat challenging year for Monkey natives as the quiet energy of the Earth Pig is a little boring for you. You want excitement and interesting things to learn about. This year you need to take bold action to get what you want. This means picking up the phone and talking to decision-makers in person. This means asking for the date. Take strong action and you will be rewarded with success.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rooster

What's the forecast for inquisitive Rooster?

A better year for Rooster natives unfolds as you see results from your hard work over the last two years. Promotions at work or an increase in income are likely. You can expand your business. Track what's been working for you over the last two years and put your energy into those projects rather than spending time on things that haven't produced any results. Small actions lead to big results. This goes for love too. Show up at the party or event and you will be noticed.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dog

What's the forecast for loyal and loving Dog?

A much better year for Dog natives as the changeable energy of the previous year settles down. Now you're starting to see some sprouts from the seeds you planted last year. There won't be quite as much change as you've had so you'll get some rest. There may be a period this year where you seem to take a step backward. This is not a bad thing. Think of it like the archer, pulling back on the bowstring before he releases the arrow. Things improve greatly as the year goes on. It's a better year for you in both love and money.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Pig

What's the forecast for intuitive Pig (or Boar)?

Congratulations! It's your year. This is the beginning of your 12-year cycle. Now new opportunities will be coming to you. Anything that isn't working for you or that you haven't valued will leave you now. Do lots of new things, plant lots of seeds. Travel, meet new people, try new foods, get out of the house. Any seeds you plant this year can sprout and bring you abundance in future years. This year there will be lots of changes. But you will also have lots of supportive friends and family to help you out.

Chinese Astrology 2018 Year of the Earth Pig

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2019 Year of the Earth





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