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Chinese Astrology 2018: Earth Dog

Chinese Astrology 2018: Year of the Earth Dog

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2018 Year of the Earth Dog


Happy New Year. Chinese New Year falls on February 16, 2018. It will be the Year of the Earth Dog (sometimes called the Yellow Dog). Dog years are quiet years where loyalty and prudent action is rewarded. 

In 2018 people will be watchful but not quick to take action unless suddenly it feels necessary and even then there will be a strong desire to hold back, to wait and plan. People will be more apt to worry rather than act. When things are done they will be done in the most efficient manner, with no wasted energy. Success comes slowly but surely after such careful plans.

2018 will be a purpose filled year. After the intense energy last year we're more pragmatic and careful with our time but not necessarily our money (what constitutes an extravagance for one will be considered a necessity for another). People become innovative and clever where resources are scarce. Working with others, pulling together different people with diverse talents will fuel the breakthroughs we'll see this year.

In 2018 we benefit by following our instincts. We have nothing to fear in moving forward when our gut confirms it's the right direction. In Dog years we can be sentimental, thinking of the past, what worked and what lessons we learned. We can incorporate that knowledge and our connection to the guidance of the Universe to confidently move forward on our goals.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rat

What's the forecast for ambitious Rat?

This is a more challenging year for Rat natives. Rat energy moves very quickly and this year you have the slow, prudent Dog energy to deal with. An Earth Dog, no less, the slowest, most careful, most conservative of all the Dogs. But for Rat natives, challenges mean opportunities for creative solutions and this year your storehouse of skills comes in handy.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Ox

What's the forecast for hard-working Ox?

AWhat starts a challenges and difficulties melt away with just a little effort this year. Don't shy away from things you want to do because obstacles will fall away once you've set your mind to your goal. It's a good year to get out of the house. Travel and being social brings rewards. Try to do it even if you would rather sit it out.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Tiger

What's the forecast for impulsive Tiger?

This is a lucky year for Tiger. You have many opportunities especially if you follow the rules. This is your only challenge this year. Fall in line and you will be at the head of the line in no time. Take breaks for fun but remember this is a year where serious energy is the norm so don't feel bad if others don't join you at the party.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rabbit

What's the forecast for diplomatic Rabbit?

A happy year ahead for Rabbit natives. Lots of the issues of the previous year just seem to work themselves out. You find doors opening that have been closed before. You get "yeses" where you only found "nos" in the past. That said, don't rock the boat at work. It would be best to be in harmony with your supervisor. If you can't then it's time to on to something else.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dragon

What's the forecast for powerful Dragon?

A challenging year for Dragon natives as people around you seem stuck in the practical and obvious and unaware of the potential that could be achieved. You need to make peace with enemies or at least find a compromise otherwise you will find your way forward blocked. Or you can remove yourself entirely by moving or changing jobs.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Snake

What's the forecast for wise Snake?

A good year for Snake natives even though you will have to make some compromises and adjustments throughout the year. You see money and relationship opportunities when you open your eyes. Others will be in awe of your wisdom and advice. Take some time for yourself and care for your health in general. Eat right and exercise and you will gain many benefits.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Horse

What's the forecast for popular Horse?

A good year for Horse natives as you find others ready and willing to help you in your goals. You have opportunities when you tell others of what you want. Obstacles crumble before you once you step on the path. You can move up in your career as well as enter into some very valuable relationships. Invitations to social events should not be ignored.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Sheep

What's the forecast for generous Sheep?

A somewhat stressful year for Sheep natives as there are many changes happening in your life or to people you care about. This could mean job changes, moving or changes in important relationships. But your stress turns to joy as you see the changes are really for the best. Doors that shut reveal new doors that lead to real opportunities and ultimately success.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Monkey

What's the forecast for clever Monkey?

A somewhat challenging year for Monkey natives as you are wanting to have things move much faster than they seem to be. You must focus on the progress you are making, which is in the right direction, and allow things to take the time they take. True friends will emerge and you will find some real loyalty in unexpected places. Invest cautiously and reap rewards.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rooster

What's the forecast for inquisitive Rooster?

A much better year for Rooster natives unfolds with you gaining a lot of ground where it seemed to be lost before. You are now making solid progress on your goals and while you haven't hit the end zone yet you can see you're on your way. Relationships with others improve and old wounds begin to heal. It's good to be social as it brings opportunities.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Dog

What's the forecast for loyal and loving Dog?

A good but hard year as you start your new 12 year cycle. The things you wanted in the past have no interest for you now. New opportunities are everywhere but you see little progress though you're working hard. There are no obstacles except your own self doubt. Trust yourself and step onto the path by taking direct action. Small results will grow into large gains.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Pig

What's the forecast for intuitive Pig (or Boar)?

This is the last year of your 12 year cycle. You have the opportunity to reap the rewards of the last cycle. Take what you know and parlay that into a better job, a deeper more loving relationship, stronger social connections or whatever you want. This is a year to take decisive action. It's harvest time. Avoid procrastination at all costs.

Chinese Astrology 2018 Year of the Earth Dog

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2018 Year of the Earth Dog





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