Feng Shui Form

Easy changes to make your life better
from Best-Selling Author, Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn
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Feng Shui help you find the right home...

the front door of an attractive home Feng Shui for House Selling.

Best times to sell.

How to find a comfortable home.

Lucky House Numbers.


Reduce Stress by Eliminating Clutter...

Messy Closet versus Clean Closet Click the picture to find out how to clutter can be caused by stressful external energy around a home.

Astrology to find the right time to take action...

lucky days calendar Best time to change jobs.

Best time to move.

Best time to get married.

Best times for travel.

Best times for gambling.

Discover your treasure map of talents...

a woman at the helm of her boat Discover your hidden talents.

Have a clear map of your future opportunities.

Business and marketing timing.

Financial Astrology.

Compatibility charts and help finding love...

a loving couple walking on the beach Removing blocks to love.

Bedroom Feng Shui.

Compatibility Astrology.

Lucky Marriage Dates.

Kitchen Feng Shui for your healthy weight...

© AnnaOmelchenko | Dreamstime.com - Healthy Eating Photo Kitchen Feng Shui.

How to eat out and still lose weight.

Best times to start a diet or exercise program.

Find your purpose and your path...

woman holding a globe Finding your vocation.

Discovering your talents and hidden abilities.

Timing for job changes.

Feng Shui to stabilize career or job.

Increasing fertility energy using Feng Shui...

Beautiful pregnant woman in blue Bedroom Feng Shui.

Fertility foods to share.

Symbols and objects to promote conception.

Pregnancy timing.

Tap into your dreams and intution...

Woman meditating on her third eye Dream interpretation.

Symbol reading.

Guided meditation.


Feng Shui for building your dream home...

Sets of Houseplans Help with home design or renovation plans.

Balancing energy and increasing harmony at home.

Redecorating or shifting energy.

Feng Shui and the power of color...

A Fandex Color Wheel Choosing the right colors for your home or office.

Using color in your wardrobe.

Color for websites and marketing materials.

Space Clearing and House Blessings...

© Ivo9999 | Dreamstime.com - Dry Sage Sticks Photo Smudging of home or office.

House blessings.

Remote space clearings.

Books by Donna Stellhorn

2018 Chinese Astrology Year of the Earth Dog Predictions and Feng Shui Cures for all signs for 2017.
2017 Chinese Astrology Year of the Fire Rooster Predictions and Feng Shui Cures for all signs for 2017.
2016 Chinese Astrology Year of the Fire Monkey Predictions and Feng Shui Cures for all signs for 2016.

2015 Chinese Astrology Year of the Wood Sheep Predictions and Feng Shui Cures for all signs for 2015.

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A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman

For women and men looking to add fertility energy to their lives using ancient secrets from different cultures around the world. This book shows you how to shift the energy to welcome a baby into your lives by using symbols, colors, herbs, and food.

Feng Shui Form Tips and easy to follow instructions for every room of the house plus an 80 page guide to Feng Shui cures.
Sage & Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space Donna's Best-Selling booklet outlining how to clear a person, place or object with sage.
Lucky House Numbers What does your house number mean? And how does this energy affect you and your family?

Coming Soon!
Prosperity Workbook The expanded version of Donna's original Prosperity Workbook. In the same way exercise helps you attain and maintain good physical health, this Workbook provides a series of exercises to maximize your prosperity muscles.
Plate Size Matters: How Kitchen and Restaurant Decor Affect Eating Habits What if you could just make a few simple changes in your environment that would change how much you eat? It's easier than you think!

Coming soon!
New Moon Wishes: A Workbook The companion guide to Donna Stellhorn's most popular class.

Coming soon!
How to Use Magical Oils Unearth the secrets of using over 50 magical oils including classic scents such as Lavender, Vanilla and Lilac.
2014 Year of the Wood Horse Here are predictions for 2014, Flying Star interpretations, Feng Shui cures and an expanded compatibility section.

Donna's Chinese Astrology series is now the 3rd best-selling Chinese Astrology series in the world!
2013 Year of the Water Snake Here are predictions for 2013, Flying Star interpretations, Feng Shui cures for every sign of the Chinese Zodiac.
2012 Year of the Water Dragon Here are predictions for 2012, Flying Star interpretations, Feng Shui cures for every sign of the Chinese Zodiac.