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Feng Shui: House Selling Tips

Staging your home to make it look its very best will help the home sell faster. Because of all the real estate shows on television these days potential buyers expect to see a staged home, free of clutter and free of personal items. So pack up family photographs, store extra furniture and when possible neutralize the color schemes used throughout the house. The more open and neutral the home the easier time a potential buyer will have visualizing their own furniture in it.

Once the home is ready it is time to welcome the potential buyers using Feng Shui principles. Whenever possible have people enter through main door because that usually leads the best view of the interior of the house. Even if you always enter through a side door or garage door have potential buyers come through the main door. And most importantly don't let your potential buyer feel uncertain of which door to choose. Delineate the path to the door with potted plants, signs or decorative touches.

Welcome potential buyers with a nice welcome mat. Replace worn or inappropriate welcome mats. As a person approaches the house they are taking in a million little details and gathering them together to make the first impression. Things that fall in a person’s lower field of vision, such as a welcome mat, actually can affect them emotionally. Having a pretty welcome mat sets the tone. And avoid inappropriate mats that depict anything you wouldn't want to step on in real life such as puppies, butterflies, or the American flag.

As a person walks in from the outside they take a moment to adjust to new surroundings and the change in lighting. Most people stop and allow their eyes to adjust for a moment. At this moment you have an opportunity to direct their eyes to the strongest selling feature of the house (at least the one they can see from the front door). There are five things that direct eye. They are shiny objects, moving objects, horizontal lines, things on fire, and bold bursts of color.

Things that are shiny attract our attention. So for instance you could highlight a great wood floor in the living room by placing shiny objects on a low table. This would direct people's eyes downward. The shiny objects could be a brass vase, gold candlesticks, or a pretty pewter bowl.

Things that move always attract attention. If you wanted to guide the person away from a living room into the kitchen you can place a moving object in the direction you want the person to go. A fish tank or fountain placed at the door near the kitchen would draw the person toward the kitchen.

Our eyes naturally follow horizontal lines to the end of that line. You can make any room seem larger by aligning objects horizontally. Hang a series of pictures on a wall all at the same height as bold curtain rods to create long horizontal lines.

Things on fire always attract attention. If weather permits you can call people's attention to a great fireplace by having a fire burning in it. Or if you want to highlight a granite countertop place lit candles on it and that will draw the person's eye.

Bold bursts of color capture attention. If the bedroom is architecturally uninteresting use a bold color on the bed to focused attention on the bed and not the plainness of the room. In contrast to this, if the view outside a spectacular have very neutral drapes or drapes that are the same as the wall color and then the colors outside will pop, drawing the view outside.

And finally, place a bowl of good chocolates in the kitchen. Even if no one eats them most people have a good association with chocolate and this helps anchor positive emotional feelings about your house. 

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