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Feng Shui to help you find the right home...

Feng Shui for the Home Feng Shui for creating a peaceful, healthy, prosperous home.

Help with color choices.

Easy changes to help improve relationships or find new love.

How to Feng Shui a Home?

When you set out to Feng Shui your home you're first considering what energy you want to attract. Feng Shui can be used to attract money, love, improved sense of wellbeing, happiness and more.

Feng Shui for wealth is really popular. For Wealth Feng Shui you are looking first for what's blocking new money and opportunities from coming in. This block can be something physical like overgrown plantings blocking the path of money.

For example Teri lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and so her landscaping is done in the plants of the area, namely cactus. But along the path to her front door is a overgrown cactus plants (the type that has the big paddles and lots of sharp spines). This is blocking her career energy and any money opportunities that could come from that arena.

A block to Wealth Feng Shui can also come from incompatible symbols, colors or materials. In Feng Shui we use symbols to attract what we want. If you have a symbol that prevents wealth from approaching it can block money. Money can also be blocked from doors that don't open properly, leaky faucets and more. Once the block is removed you can add Feng Shui Cures or remedies to enhance the energy and bring more opportunities. Feng Shui Cures for wealth include things like Water Fountains and Feng Shui Crystals.

Love and Relationship Feng Shui works on the same principles. You look for what's blocking the energy and then you can add Feng Shui cures or remedies to increase the energy and attract love. We look at Bedroom Feng Shui to determine whether there are blocks to love. Color is a big factor in energy and in Feng Shui. Color can attract the energy you want or repel it.

For example, Lola's soft pink bedroom is actually attracting very passive partners who don't call and don't make the effort to woo her. By punching up the color to a fuschia she starts attracting men who are actually pursuing her.

Feng Shui energy shifts and changes from year to year. Feng Shui 2012 is different than Feng Shui 2013. Things you placed one year may not work the next and need to be shifted or changed. Feng Shui Mirrors and Feng Shui Crystals can be cleared and reenergized by giving them a thorough cleaning.

You can do a lot of this yourself by consulting my Feng Shui book, Feng Shui Form. Feng Shui Consultations are also available by phone or Skype. Just by looking at pictures of your home I can see what's blocking the energy and I make suggestions of what to add, change or shift. If you're interested in learning more please contact me.

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Feng Shui for your business...

Feng Shui for the Office Feng Shui for creating growth and prosperity for your business.

Help with color choices, decor and layout.

Website Feng Shui

Logo Feng Shui

Feng Shui principles can be applied to your business to increase profits, market position, decrease employee turnover, and increase customer loyalty. Feng Shui principles can also be applied to your business card, your website, your home office, warehouse, retail store, office building or even your car. Whether your business is brick and mortar or run on your kitchen table, Feng Shui principles can be applied to make your business run more effectively and more profitably.

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Feng Shui Private Lessons

the front door of an attractive home Learn the principles and secrets of Feng Shui.

Create a new profession for yourself.

Help friends and family with their homes and offices.

Have you been fascinated with Feng Shui?

Why not learn more through private lessons. Work at your own pace and cover just what you want to cover with Feng Shui expert Donna Stellhorn. Learn about the Five Elements and how to change energy by adding and removing elements. Learn the symbols and cures used to attract and enhance energy. Learn how to measure the energy using the tools of Feng Shui. Learn about furniture placement, color theory, sounds cures and more.

This is a one-on-one course on Feng Shui. Each topic will include some homework and sometimes fieldwork.  Complete your certification or use what you learn to help friends and family. Certified Practitioners are also invited to join the referral network.

Interested in Private Feng Shui lessons? 

Feng Shui Form Tips and easy to follow instructions for every room of the house plus an 80 page guide to Feng Shui cures.


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