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Chinese Astrology 2016: Fire Monkey

Chinese Astrology 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

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Happy New Year. Chinese New Year falls on February 8, 2016. It will be the Year of the Fire Monkey (sometimes called the Red Monkey). Monkey years are exciting years when creativity and innovation is rewarded. This is a good year to go back to school, see the world or just be out with friends. It's time to take bold action to create the life you want.

Fire Monkey year's are considered high energy years. There's a desire to complete work quickly so you can go do what you want you want to do. Being adaptable to new circumstances will be an asset this year. Keep an open mind and even better, expand your mind through classes and self-study. Be active and communicate with friends. Have new experiences and find what you really enjoy.

In 2016 people will be intensely interested in what's innovative and new. People will be interested in having new experiences and traveling to distance places. At times you may feel scattered as there are so many choices available to you. Keep your goals clearly in mind as you may your decisions. Analyze the results of your actions before committing substantial resources. And communicate with others, good connections will be key.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Rat

What's the forecast for ambitious Rat?

2016 will be a better year than you've had in a long while. This year the world favors the smart and decisive and that's you at the core. 2016 also favors the brave which Rats, being the smallest of the 12 signs, are understandably lacking in the courage department. What will serve Rat well is his ability to take quick action before his competitors even have a moment to gather themselves together. Rats can expect a bounty dropping from the trees and that he can scoop it up as others stand around hesitating.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Ox

What's the forecast for hard-working Ox?

Overall this will be a better year than last year. While there will be some small setbacks and irritations most problems are small and easily handled with your usual steady, practical wisdom. The biggest issues will be around whether or not to travel. Travel can help you expand your world. But you may fear leaving home for any amount of time will cause you to miss out on something you care about (or someone). Or you may feel that travel pulls you away from work too long. Or perhaps you're not feeling physical up for a trip. Decisions will have to be made for if you procrastinate. Don't miss this opportunity to do something you really enjoy doing


Chinese Astrology 2015 Tiger

What's the forecast for impulsive Tiger?

Most of the time Tiger doesn't notice what other people think he should do. Tiger decides what he wants and that's that. He stalks his prey and then pounces. But this year the world's eyes are up in the trees watching the Monkeys swing from branch to branch. In some cases Tiger will have the advantage as no one is really paying attention to what he's doing, or preparing to do. But Tiger, with his bold yellow and black stripes, doesn't like to be ignored. Excessive showing off this year can create losses for yourself.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rabbit

What's the forecast for diplomatic Rabbit?

For those of you born in the year of the Rabbit there is some change energy coming up some of it can be a challenge and some of it will be very rewarding. As you watch Monkeys swinging high in the trees Rabbits, left down on the ground unnoticed, can scoop up lots of opportunities. To play Monkey's game you would have to make lots of changes in your life. Why bother when you can observe quietly and wait for what you want to fall at your feet. This year patience and small adjustments will help you gain the most success.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Dragon

What's the forecast for powerful Dragon?

Congratulations Dragons, you are going to have a good year. You understand this year's Monkey energy of taking risks and trying new things. This is a year to put some of your wilder schemes into action. Creative energy will be flowing through you. You can dream and invent. Consider building a team to help you this year. Whether it be supportive friends, talented co-workers or virtual assistants this is not a year to do your usual solitary work. You will be stronger if you work together with others.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Snake

What's the forecast for wise Snake?

This year you find yourself amused watching the games Monkey's play. Lots of business and office politics, both games you play very well, are now being played by amateurs. Feel confident and know there will be many moments to step in and bring the rewards to yourself. But don't wait for others to recognize your talent. You will become irritated with them and unproductive arguments could ensue.

Chinese Astrology 2015 Horse

What's the forecast for popular Horse?

Now you're making real progress. It seems that those born in the year of the Horse have luck on their side in 2016. But it's all due to the hard work you've done over the past two years that suddenly you see roses blooming, in fact a whole garden of opportunities is sprouting up before you. This year you want to break your goals down into small actions that you can either do quickly or delegate to others. This will accelerate your progress as people seem to come out of nowhere offering you help and advice, the exact advice you need in the moment.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Sheep

What's the forecast for generous Sheep?

For those of you born in the year of the Sheep (or Goat) you will be happy to hear that 2016 will be a much easier year than last year. Last year was the beginning of your 'seed planting' cycle and that can mean you have to break a lot of new ground. Sheep natives worked hard last year, this year you'll start to see some of the fruits of all your hard work. Last year you had to take risks, go new directions and make lots of changes to keep up with the changing energy. But in 2016 now you're finding your footing and the way is a lot smoother, more prosperous too.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Monkey

What's the forecast for clever Monkey?

You’re going to hear a lot of people say it, “This is your year!”. But what does that really mean? In the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac it indicates you are at the beginning point of the cycle. It is a time filled with great potential for you. Fortunately Monkey is comfortable with beginning a process. Unfortunately Monkey sometimes gets distracted and loses focus and spends all their time caught up in other people drama. So for this reason, this can be a challenging year.

You may feel pressure to move forward from the moment your year begins, but you really have until March to get moving. The first few months of the year are great for planning. Put your ideas on paper. Develop a strategy for where you want to be 12 months from now, six years from now, and even 12 years from now, at the end of this cycle.

Opportunities and insights suddenly come to you. A thought strikes you as interesting or exciting, a realization can change your life. You could suddenly become aware where you have been stuck, and know what to do to free yourself. All this is good. Starting the process is what this year is all about. There will be bumps in the path, however, but fortunately no one knows better than Monkey how to swing over any bumps in the road.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Rooster

What's the forecast for inquisitive Rooster?

2016 is a Monkey year, which means that 2017 will be your big year! You have one year to prepare for the opportunities coming to you soon. You need to create space for the new. This means taking the time now to identify what’s not working in your life and discard it. This could mean decluttering the house, but it could also mean you need to leave your job, sell your home, or leave your relationship. Whatever is not working in your life needs to be released.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Dog

What's the forecast for loyal and loving Dog?

This year has the potential to be quite a good year. Monkeys and Dogs have harmonious energy which is good news for Dog natives. Dog likes to chase the Monkey and Monkey loves to tease Dog so as long as everyone keeps their sense of humor things will go well. Trouble can happen if you fall into a melancholy. This could make things quite challenging. To be successful in the game of life this year you need to remember it is a game.


Chinese Astrology 2015 Pig

What's the forecast for intuitive Pig (or Boar)?

For those born in the Year of the Pig there is quite a lot of good news this year. There are opportunities and benefits awaiting Pig natives. Trouble that does arise this year comes from the fact that Pig's idea of fun and games is entirely different than Monkey's. Pig wonders why spend all that energy being out and about, swinging around the trees, when you could stay comfortably at home and wait for friends and family to visit. This year you will find the most benefit when you get out of the house and into social situations hosted by others.


Chinese Astrology 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2016 Year of the Fire Monkey





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Chinese Astrology 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey

Predictions from
Chinese Astrology
2016 Year of the Fire Monkey