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Solar Return

A Solar Return is usually done once a year around your birthday to give you a picture of things that will happen over the course of the next year (birthday to birthday).  The chart is relocated to your current home so it reflects what's happening where you are. 

Solar Returns can show new relationships or relationship changes, changes at work or career changes, how your finances will be, what your energy level will be, if you will move, marry, travel, go back to school and more.  It is very useful for timing.  If you are selling a house or planning an addition to the family a Solar Return chart can help target when you will have success. 

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Natal Chart (birth chart).  It's a strong chart with the Sun in Leo and a conjunction between Saturn (career) and Pluto (power). 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Natal Chart

Below is Schwarzenegger's Solar Return for 2010 when he completed his term and his job as Governor of California.  And we can see that Saturn (career) is in his house of work at zero degrees indicating something new is happening both at work and in his career.  The Saturn is exactly opposing Uranus (change) at zero in the 12th.  Furthermore Saturn rules the MC in Capricorn, indicating this would be a career change that the world would know about. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Solar Return Chart 2010
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Consultations with Donna

Solar Return charts are best done around your birthday to give you a  picture of the coming 12 months.  Phone consultations are available. 

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