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Astrology of Relationships

Astrologers can choose between two types of charts when reading relationships between people. First, by placing one person's planets into the other person's chart, we can see the energies which connect the two people, and the energies pull the two people apart. This is called Synastry. The second type of charts takes the two charts and mathematically calculates a single chart for the people involved either by finding the midpoint between each pair of planets or by finding the midpoint in time and space. The first chart is called a Composite and the second charts is called a Davison. 

This first chart pictured is a Synastry chart with Angelina Jolie's planets placed around Brad Pitt's chart. In this chart we see that her Sun falls in his seventh house so he sees her as a real partner in every aspect of his life. She puts her Saturn on his North Node, but he puts nothing on her North Node; this indicates that she feels a stronger connection in this relationship than he does. Brad Pitt's Jupiter is conjunct Angelina's Moon indicating that he is interested in her feelings and needs. Unfortunately there are not enough natural chart connections here to make easy long-term relationship, these two will have to work at staying together.

the Synastry chart of Angelina and Brad

The second charts shown here is a Composite. You can see the Sun is in Pisces conjunct the South Node.  This suggests that the relationship feel very comfortable, and gives the couple the sense that they have been together before. The Composite Moon is in Pisces sextiling Saturn in Taurus. This provides both partners in the relationship with a sense of responsibility towards the other. Also the North Node, Pluto, and Uranus all in the 12th house indicates there is a lot to this relationship, including turmoil, that we, the public, don't get to see.

the Composite Chart of Angelina and Brad


a couple in embrace

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