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When we look at Progressions we see how a person grows and deals with the things happening in their lives.  Progressions also give us a clear picture of opportunities and challenges that are coming. 

In Secondary Progressions we move the chart forward one day in the ephemeris for every year you are old.  This will move the inner, personal planets more quickly than the outer planets and this shows us emotional development. 

In Solar Arc Progressions we move every planet in the chart approximately one degree for every year you are old (the actual movement is the amount the Sun moved in one day at the time you were born which can be anywhere from .97 to 1.03 degrees).  Solar Arc is used to predict upcoming events and when placed in a 90 degree dial can be very precise. 

a 90 degree dial of Julia Roberts Solar Arc Progressions

The chart above shows Julia Roberts Solar Arc Progressions around her Natal Chart in a 90 degree dial.  The chart reveals a great deal of career activity, and at the time of this writing we hear that she may be doing a big role in an upcoming Disney film.  Of course she just finished her blockbuster Eat, Pray, Love.  The Sun moving to conjunct the Venus indicates that all of the projects she does at this time will be well received, although the Solar Arc Neptune moving on the Natal Saturn suggests some hidden personal heartache. 

the Signs of the Zodiac

Consultations with Donna

Progression Charts can be done at the same time as your Natal Chart to give you a picture of upcoming opportunities and challenges.  Phone consultations are available. 

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