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Donna Stellhorn
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Private Lessons

Have you wanted to learn about Astrology?  Want to be able to read your own chart or the charts of your friends and family?  Or maybe you have dreamed of becoming a professional Astrologer.  Donna can guide you from the beginning, or just help fill in the gaps in your existing knowledge.  Each private lesson is geared specifically to your level and what you want to study.  You can focus on Relationship Astrology, Financial Astrology, Medical Astrology, Horary, Event Charts, 90 Degree Dial, Progressions, Returns and more. 

Sessions are one on one with Donna by phone or Skype.  We focus on charts of people you know, your friends, your family and your own charts so that you can see how the interpretation plays out in real life.  This is professional level training that you can use to read your own chart or the charts of others. 

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Private Lessons with Donna

Private Lessons in Astrology are 40 minute phone or Skype sessions focused on what you want to learn.  Whether you want to read for yourself, family and friends or you want to become a professional Donna can help you quickly gain the knowledge that will help you do delineation and predictions. 

donna@donnastellhorn.com or 949-940-5697