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Financial Astrology

There are two types of Financial Astrology. One involves reading a person’s chart to see their ability to create and manage money. From this type of reading we see if the person can and will inherit money, make money from career, receive money in lawsuits, through marriage, or through investments. The chart will also indicate luck with lottery, gambling, or other games of chance. The chart will reveal a person's tendencies to budget or to allow money to slip through their fingers. And, using transits and progressions, it can be determined if money will be made or lost in the future.

The second type of Financial Astrology is reading the potential of a company by looking at a chart for the company start date, incorporation, or when the company was first listed on the stock exchange. From this chart we can see the health of the company, its potential earnings, whether it will receive good press or bad, as well as it’s long term outlook.


the Natal Chart of Microsoft

Financial Astrology also has to do with timing the stock market. Commodities are ruled by individual planets, stocks are ruled by the company’s chart and currencies are ruled by the chart of the country. Ingress and Lunar return charts can be used to gauge stock market activity and trend reversals. And when coupled with the individual’s chart we can see when it is wise to invest and when it’s good to hold back.

Taurus from the Easy Astrology Oracle Cards by Maya White

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Taurus isn't the only money sign.  Find out where your money luck is in your chart. Phone consultations are available about career, investing, removing money blocks, gambling and winning money.