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The 13th Constellation

The constellation Ophiuchus (also spelled Ophuchices) is in the news again. This is not a new discovery. This “big news” pops up every few years.

While there may be 13 constellations (and actually there are a lot more) there are only 12 signs/personality designations because it's not the signs we Astrologers are describing but sections of the sky. The ancients viewed the heavens as a circle. There are 360 degrees in a circle and the ancients divided it into 12 parts. They called these parts after constellations that were in or near those sections sky. As Fertig says “That the signs of the Zodiac are different from the Constellations of the Zodiac is very old news indeed, going back to Arstarchus of Samos, 230 BCE.”

The constellations that were originally named for the signs of the zodiac no longer sit in those sections of sky. But if your Sun sign falls where the constellation of Libra used to be thousands of years ago when Astrology was created we still read it as Libra because again it's the section of sky not the constellation that we are describing. Many people, even student Astrologers get confused about this concept. But in fact when we say Libra we are just using a word to describe a mathematical placement (kind of like when we say Pi to mean 3.14159). We could say you were born 180 degrees from the east horizon point but saying Libra is so much easier.

So if someone comes to you and says Libra has moved so you are not Libra anymore but Virgo, just smile at them because nothing has changed . You still have all the Libra qualities you had before.  And all your Virgo friends are still Virgos. 

a picture of the constellations as seen by the ancients